Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baju Melayu RM360

Ini lah rupanya baju melayu raya Qais yg harganya RM360.. mak aih, mahalnya! tgk rupa mcm biasa je.. cerita di sebaliknya begini.. Ibu mintak tlg Cikna belikan baju melayu utk Qais utk pakai time raya nanti.. kt jalan TAR byk so mintak tlg Cikna belikan yg murah2 je sebab nanti Qais pakai kejap je..budak2 tgh membesar kan..lepas tu mintak Cikna tlg pos laju melalui udara sebab kalau shipping mau raya haji nanti baru sampai baju tu.. selang 2,3 hari Cikna bgtau dh beli baju utk Qais siap dengan songkok dan sampin harganya cuma RM60.. Ibu kata oklah tu tak mahal sgt lgpun Ibu bajet dlm RM100..Selang 2,3 hari plak Ibu call Cikna tanya dh pos blom? Cikna kata dh pos pakai pos ekspress 4 hari sampai la baju tu..Ibu kata oooo ok pastu tanya brapa kos pos tu? Cikna kata 1kg RM300.. Ibu: Hah! RM300!!! mahalnya!! Apsal mahal sgt? Selalu Ma anta brg 7-8kg baru RM200++..pakai pos apa ni? Cikna kata pakai pos ekspres..patutla..lupa plak nk pesan soh guna pos laju pos Malaysia..jadinya, bila tgk baju melayu Qais ni mula la rasa mcm menyesal pun ada gak sebab mcm dh buang duit sebab nanti pakainya kejap je..apa2 pun tima kasih la Cikna tlg belikan baju tu..huhu

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

**Them at 1 year old**

Just wanted to see how similar the 3Qs when they were 1 year old. Qistina and Qaisara are very much alike when they were at the same age. The only difference was Qaisara is much fairer to her elder sister. While Qais is unique in his own way but somehow still got the look of his 2 sisters.

Qistina Batrisyia

Qaisara Syaza

Qais Usaimin

Thank you Allah for blessing me with them. Could not imagine how life would be without them. True enough to know that how much I love them is that I struggle every single day going out and leave them at home. I would rather stay and be with them 24/7 if it is possible...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Qais Usaimin is ONE!

Qais Usaimin was born on 15 August 2009 at Jessop Wing Hospital Sheffield. Reminiscing the time knowing that I was pregnant in my first month of arrival in Sheffield was both a joyful and anxious feelings. With so many things to settle down as we just moved into a totally new and stranger place for all of us, it was just not the perfect time I thought. The PhD was just started and I was having a difficult time to really grasp and understand what this PhD was about! But somehow we accepted the fact that there is always a reason behind what Allah has planned for us.

A year goes by and my lil boy has turned ONE! How time flies that it feels like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to him. I could still remember when I couldn't sleep in the nights and waiting for the 'show' to come. Nights after nights I waited but nothing showed on. Due to that, he was born through an induction as my pregnancy went overdue. Few days after the due had passed, an internal examination was done by a midwife to see if the cervix feels ‘ripe’ for labour. ‘Stretch and sweep’ was done i.e. sweeping her fingers around my cervix to separate the membranes from the uterine wall. It was hoping to stimulates the cervix and help to speed up the show of labour. According to the midwife, I would be experiencing cramps and a show and, if the sweep is effective, labour normally starts within 48 hours. Two days passed by and nothing happens *sigh*

During the next meeting with the midwife, I was given an appointment with Jessop Wing Hospital for an induction. I was admitted on 14 August 2009 at 11 am. At 12 pm I was given the 'Pessaries'. Pessaries containing prostaglandins (hormones that encourage the cervix to ripen and dilate) was then placed in my vagina. The baby’s heartbeat was monitored at first to ensure that he’s coping. The pessaries was left inside for the period of 12 hours. It might take more than one dose of pessaries to get labour going, and they only work for around 50 per cent of women. The other half will need additional help - hey I was one of them!

After 12 hours of waiting with no show of labour, midwife came and checked my progress. It was only 4cm opening but she told me that I could be transferred to the labour room for the next process. Phew..what a tiring and anxious moment to gave birth to him. But I was excited as I was closer to meet my baby! All the fears have gone. The labour process started with breaking the waters (artificial rupture of the membranes). The midwife used a long hook to gently burst the bag of waters and this often stimulates the onset of strong labour. As soon as the waters was broken, the contraction pain was getting so intense.

I didn't cried when giving birth to my 2 daughters, but this time I cried in pain as the pain was so intense that I could not bear. Felt like double the pain when I gave birth to my daughters. I had been struggling for the period of 4 hours before he was born naturally with no tear at all. Alhamdulillah, what a relief that I won't be experiencing that stitches again! I guessed the midwife really helps. I was listening to her advise when to push and when to stop and pant, and allow myself to open up gradually. Not to forget the use of breathing exercises to help in this process.

It was 6.40pm on 15 August 2009 that Qais Usaimin came to this world. He brings so much happiness to both me and hubby and also both the girls. Happy Birthday Qais Usaimin! We love you.