Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch Treat at Babylon Restaurant

Last 2 weeks lepas balik ber'carboot' di Oldcotes, singgah makan di Babylon Restaurant yang terletak di Firth Park tak jauh dari kedai Hussein yang selalu kitorang beli lauk. Dapat recommendation dari kawan yang penah makan kat sini so nk try jugak..kami mmg jarang mkn kat luar apa lg lunch..rasanya this is the first time kitorg lunch kt luar since dok kt Sheffield nih. Sampai dalam kol 1pm, restoren pun baru bukak..we were the first customer for today. Bila masuk agak terpesona dgn decor restoren ni..

Style arab dan siap ada ruang utk apa lgi kami anak beranak dok bersimpuh kt situ. Food boleh tahan especially for me yang suka nasi arab@nasi berempah tambah plak tgh lapar. Kami order Lamb & Chicken Briyani, nugget & chips, satu lagi lupa plak namanya Zarbugi ke apa ntah basically nasi arab la tu nama je pelik2 dan juga mango bill was £20. Kalo kt Mesia makan camni mau ratus dah..apa2 pun food nice and bleh datang lagi lenkali. Thanks to Mr Hubby for this treat!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Journey of Life

Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
but never meant to stay...

Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the Almighty.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Abi & His New Hobby

Diam tak diam dah hampir dua tahun kami berada di bumi Sheffield ni..Ibu macam biasa sibuk ngan kerja rumah yang tak penah habis i.e. kemas rumah, basuh kain, lipat kain, masak etc sambil ber'perang' dgn karenah 3Q, keje skolah yang selalu dilambat2kan..(sedar tp mmg suka buat last minute..huhu..) dan lain-lain aktiviti yang kena jugak di'ada'kan mcm holiday, cuci mata @ shopping outlet, carbooting etc..hmmm Abi pulak dah makin selesa tinggal di sini..iya lah mana taknya, keje cuma 2 jam sehari..masa mmg banyak jugaklah aktiviti baru yang Abi dah ceburi sejak ada di sini..
dulu main bola, main tenis, gi mancing jek..skang nih plak dah pandai main golf..dah macam2 barang golf yang dibelinya dari ebay dan jugak outlet..dari golf club, golf bag, accessories, trolly sampai ke outfit..sume dah ada, beratus ££ jugak la abih dgn hobi barunya nih..Ibu xde nak larang pun asal Abi happy cuma kalau Abi dh belanja such an amount utk golf, jgn pulak komplen Ibu nk spend on benda2 yang Ibu suka..fair la kan? hehe..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My PhD Journey

It's been 2 weeks after my last meeting with my supervisors, Chris & Richard. Last time we were discussing about my 3rd study - the proposal and questionnaires. Chris has repeatedly saying that a PhD thesis is like a novel or a story book where it has the different parts and chapters that compliment the whole story of the book. To complete the whole chapter of my PhD, I have to do 3 studies:

1) Archival study of Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH) in HKL from 2005-2009
2) Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH) in Kuala Lumpur
3) Implementation Intention Intervention for patients with DSH

The ideas behind these 3 studies are that the archival study would give an overview of DSH incidents in KL for the past 5 years as well as the socio-demographics factors of people attempted suicide. Then, study 2 would give the better insight of the incident for taking into consideration people who have self-harmed but never been in contact with the health care. This study also aimed at people who have the intention to self-harm in future. The end result of study 2 will give a prevalence rate of DSH incident in KL. To complete my PhD thesis and also the most important part of my PhD is the 3rd study i.e. my main study/intervention. Patients will be given a set of questionnaire including the Volitional Help Sheet (VHS) that purposely created to help them manage self-harm behaviour by promoting them into positive responses especially when they're dealing with critical situations that forced them into self-harm thought. I might say that it is the hardest part as I need to approach patients who admitted into the hospital for DSH and recruit them into this study. Not forget to mention that I need to get in contact with them over the next 1 year to complete the study.