Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips for presenting

I have to admit that I'm kinda person who hate to become the center of attention. I recall my younger days in school when I used to pray every single day for the teachers to ask me questions. This 'routine' I must say keep continues to my both Uni life and career life. Though I knew that it is something that I couldn't avoid but the nervous and low confidence feelings still remain. What I have been practicing so far is reciting Al-Fatihah as many times as I could. It not only grow the confidence level to me but also give me the calm feeling which is, important when you are about to face the audience.

On top of that, these are a few tips that were given by my office mate who is also a post-doc reseacher, Dr Yael, which I think does make sense and doable.

1. Don't start with something that makes people see your weakness because it only gives people the perception that you don't expert your work. As a result of this, the audience will easily capture your mistakes.
2. Your topic is your expertise. Act as you know everything about what you say even though the fact that you don't. Be confident along the way and you'll realized that you've gained mastery over them.
3. It's fine to memorize a few lines from your slides. But don't go for more than 3 or 4 lines because when you go off the rails and forgot the lines then you'll start to stumble and more 'eemmhhh' and 'erkkk' will come out.
4. What else? Forgotten already heh..will update soon.