Friday, January 28, 2011

It's going to be 7 chapters!

Finally, I have made an effort to meet my SV after 4-long-months of delaying. I long for this meeting as I have few things to discuss but I wanted to show him something before I actually meet him i.e. I was planning to finish chapter two – Deliberate self-harm in Malaysia: A review of literature. But, since I could not finish it on the dateline set by my own, I decided to meet him and submit that chapter later on. The fact is I was having difficulty in prioritizing which tasks to do first as it seems all important to me at this moment. I am really pleased that we have come to an agreement in regards to my thesis outlines, in which, seven chapters to work for. Three of them are from my three different studies, two for the reviews, and another two for the introduction and conclusion. When we have come to this agreement, the writing part is hoping to get easier.

My SV, Chris is quite happy with the novelty of this outline contents as well and amends it a little bit by adding some sub-topics to it. It’s perfect to me at least for now. And now I need to put some efforts in writing part as we have a great plan ahead. I told him that I wanted to publish at least one paper while completing my PhD. He was very supportive saying that he could help me with this and adding that the first step that I need to do is try to analyze my partial data that I have for my main study – The effects of implementation intentions interventions for patients with deliberate self-harm admitted in hospital. This meeting went on very well and I never felt so much comfort talking to him like this before. I just realized that he has been very helpful and encouraging in dealing with a poor-time-management-student like me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mode serabut..

Hmm..2011 dh masuk minggu ke 2 tp kerja nampak mcm x jalan lagi..adus..tgh berkira2 dan berplanning2 macam2 benda..nk buat planning study utk tahun ni - nakgi conference, nk mohon extend ngan kkm, nk extend visa, writing blablabla..sambil2 tu kena jugak buat planning jalan2 utk tahun ni maklum la dh final year, kalo dapat extend pun mungkin sampai awal spring thn depan so tgh berkira2 nk makan angin time summer tahun ni..sana sini sume nk pegi tapi keje belambak dan duit plak tarak..aiyo..dah la tu sume tmpt yg kami plan nkgi kena book by end of this month..tau la elaun nk masuk hujung bln ni tp xkan sekali harung nk bayar sume tu..huh..dan jgk tgh berkira2 mana nk bawak ma & abah yg nk dtg april nanti..cuti keje dh siap2 apply takut nanti org lain book susah plak..tgk kalendar mcm penuh agenda je sampai hujung thn..harap2 seimbang la study n makan angin tu nanti..kalo tak camne nk balik cepat..huhu..

Progress study plak, hmm..tgh finalize contents sub-topic sambil2 dok mengupdate data main study dan juga menantikan data archival study yg blom dpt lagi..nk pegi conference pun most of them mintak submit abstract by feb/march byk yg blom siap jadi camne nk anta abstract ni. Oh SV ku..lama xjumpa dirimu..asal pikir nk jumpa je seriau..aduhai..tunggu kedatanganku dgn pelbagai soalan ye..hehe